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Jinji Cycles is a Denver bike shop dedicated to helping fill the greater Denver area with equipped, educated, and empowered cyclists. Road to mountain, cruiser to city, and a pro service center to keep them running.

Bottle Cages

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Blackburn Cinch Bottle Cage


Blackburn Wayside Bottle Cage


BlackburnClutch Carbon Cage Side entry


Bottle Cage MSW AC-210


Elite Custom Race Bottle Cgae


MSW AC-100 Alloy Cage


MSW PC-150 Composite Water Bottle Cage


Origin8 Flask Cage




PDW Lucky Cat Bottle Cage


PDW Owl Bottle Cage


PDW Sparrow Cage


Sunlite HB Mount Bottle Cage


Supacaz Tron Poly Bottle Cage


Syncros Matchbox Tailor Cage


Syncros Matchbox Tailor Cage L Micro Pump


Syncros Matchbox Tailor Cage W/Mini HV 1.5 Pump


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