Jinji Cycles

Est 2008

Jinji Cycles is a Denver bike shop dedicated to helping fill the greater Denver area with equipped, educated, and empowered cyclists. Road to mountain, cruiser to city, and a pro service center to keep them running.

About Jinji Cycles

Jinji Cycles is a Denver bike shop dedicated to helping fill the greater Denver area with equipped, educated, and empowered cyclists.

In a garage in 2008 Jinji Cycles began solely as a bicycle service center providing personal, highly precise, and accounted bicycle maintenance and repair. We spent those years working to build a reputation for quality bicycle service and forming the ideals that would create the Jinji Cycles bike shop of today.

With the opening of our new storefront at 2538 W 32nd Ave in Denver, Jinji Cycles will be positioned to also provide an exceptional selection of bicycles and accessories in addition to our reputable service center.

We’re a bike shop built and run by bike mechanics. We’re bike people who love riding, fixing, and selling amazing bikes and bike stuff.

We believe that no matter what bike you’re buying or riding, you can benefit and enjoy working with a passionate and friendly bicycle professional so that you have a bike you love, not just own.

Our reputation has been built on uncommonly detailed bicycle service and we intend to use that same dedication and focus in the products you may choose to buy from us. For this reason we have divided our offerings into three basic categories that allow us to treat the bikes and customers with the appropriate consideration.


Jinji Fast refers to our race specific endeavors. We’ve been so happy to work with our racers the last few years and we have found that the high demands and particular requirements of racing bikes expands our expertise and keeps us accountable to constantly be learning and improving our craft. We’re glad to be able to not only service the bikes the racers ride but also to provide that light, stiff speed weapon necessary for competition. From cross country and endurance mountain biking to road, time trial, and cyclocross, we love working on your race equipment, and because we have such extensive experience we believe we’ll know exactly what to sell you when the time comes. No sales pitches on this stuff, just information based on experience and expertise.


Wait? Aren’t all bikes fun? Essentially, yes, but 2/3’s of the way through a road time trial, or trying to catch a gap in a criterium, or at mile 70 of the Leadville 100 no one is thinking about fun. Some cycling disciplines have a pain element built into them, but some are just pure fun. Sometimes it’s just about the wind in your face, your friends around you, or the sound of the dirt under your tires. This category covers a lot of bikes from the most basic of cruisers to the entry level road bike to even the most highly specced mountian bike. Depending on your style and personality we’ll be able to determine just what service needs your bike will require but also to find you that perfect bike, parts group, basket, or bell. We like to have fun too, in fact, it’s why we got into this in the first place. Very few people get to make their profession out of something they learned and enjoyed as a kid.


Jinji Forever is the way we describe bikes for transportation and fitness. We think bikes are better for our city and our world. We think bikes are actual viable means of transportaion and their value for fitness can’t be argued. We ride our bikes everywhere and we think others should too. We’re more than committed to making sure your transportation or commuting bike is working in the best possible way. Everything we can do to keep you rolling, we will do. If that means opening the doors to fix a flat before we’re open, no problem. Staying late to install a new chain or cables so you can get home? You got it. When the trusty ’95 mountain bike needs a new wheel, we’ll do everything to move it to the front of the line to get it back to you. When the time comes to retire Trusty ’95, we’ll have that new, car-replacing commuting bike ready for you and our city’s fine streets to do their worst.

So Jinji Cycles isn’t a big bike shop, but when run by a group of bike mechanics who have seen everything we think we can do just about anything the big guys can.

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