Jinji Cycles

Est 2008

Jinji Cycles is a Denver bike shop dedicated to helping fill the greater Denver area with equipped, educated, and empowered cyclists. Road to mountain, cruiser to city, and a pro service center to keep them running.


Service Classes

We will teach you how to make your spongy disc brakes feel solid again. Old and contaminated brake fluid with air bubbles can make your brakes feel weak, inconsistent, and even nonexistent. We will run you through the process of getting new fluid in and the air out, making your brakes feeling great again.

Cost: $ 50.00
We will be teaching you how to do a lower service on your fork. The manufacturer recommends doing a lower service at least once a year and usually twice if you ride a fair amount. You can learn to do this yourself and save some money!

Cost: $ 105.00
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  • 2538 W. 32nd Ave.
  • Denver, CO 80211